• Julie Potts

    Julie Potts

    well I'm single I never had children.I love photography,music,nature,animals,history,science,art,movies,long walks,etc.this is only a little about me.

  • Steven Tate AKA Thadeus

    Steven Tate AKA Thadeus

    FT Tech Advisor + Marketer + Entrepreneur + Artist Ads Mgt. PT award winning screenwriter you’ve never heard of. Top 100 @Cinequest script & @FinalDraft Winner

  • Todd Paton

    Todd Paton

    Todd Paton is President of Paton Marketing (www.patonmarketing.com), a digital marketing and website development firm in Pompano Beach, FL. It is one of the few

  • Mary Turing

    Mary Turing

    I will never lie to you.

  • Erik Hooijer

    Erik Hooijer

    Design for conversion, optimize for growth.

  • Rahul Tej B

    Rahul Tej B

    A person of a sort whose thought keeps wandering all over the universe.I assure you that my mind is utterly indefinite.But,I write about Film and art generally.

  • Angela M. Pierce

    Angela M. Pierce

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