A House Divided

It was a disaster last time. This time looks worse.

We’ve been here before.

It’s too bad most of us know so little of the truths, not rumors of our past. Our last few hundred years have been fairly interesting, and accurately comparing where we’re at now with where we started should leave most of us proud.

But about half of us aren’t —…

Some Truths You Just Can’t Share

Long ago (before most of you were born), in a galaxy far, far away (that had yet to be completely conquered by Boeing and Airbus and McDonalds), when I was still a newbie at most things, not realizing I was Briar Rabbit, my employers tossed me into Earth’s briar patch.

Colonial Pipeline Refined Products Tank Farm

On May 7th, 2021 Colonial Pipeline suffered a ransomware attack. Unable to access or trust its data network, the company that transports almost half of all the refined hydrocarbons used on America’s heavily populated east coast shut down its 5,500 mile pipeline network.

6.3 billion reasons to close the border, and 50.4 trillion to leave it open.

The Coming Storm.

The storm darkening our horizon is the most dangerous any living American has seen, and unless we change course, America as we know her is finished.

In the months since our last mass shooting I’ve been to town halls and listened to Congressman and others pledge their opposition to any and all red-flag laws…no red flags — period! — to thunderous applause. …

Does this gun make you crazy?

Close-up, a .223 Remington cartridge.

Years ago a friend screened a trailcam video for me. It showed a bear snoozing in the woods as an ATV and rider approached. I steeled myself for what I assumed would be a tragedy. …

You wont’ just love it, you’ll want a sequel!

“Tel Aviv on Fire” Poster

Don’t let your politics (or lack thereof) or the “foreign” stamp on this film stop you. It won’t matter if you can’t speak Hebrew or Arabic or French, you will still understand every character and every minute of this year’s Seattle International Film Festival winner.

“Tel Aviv on Fire” is…

A small film about little people that will leave you smiling.

Every once in awhile someone makes a film that’s not about radioactive superpowers, royal court treachery, wars won or lost, civilizations destroyed, dying planets and monstrous profits. And every once in awhile a film like that gets distribution and people get to see it. “Wild Rose” is almost that.


Was the dumbest man on radio right about Iraq?

Talk radio doesn’t promote brilliance.

Its standard format straps stars to their microphones three hours a weekday, and if those stars didn’t speak until they had something brilliant to say, we’d likely be stuck listening to fifteen hours of dead air each week, broken up by commercials for which soon…

The film “Chappaquiddick” tells a damning lie. The book “Chappaquiddick Speaks” tells an even more damning truth.

Penseur Rodinson

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